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FMSC is here to provide quality service!


FMSC has provided a wide range of services, including:

  • Marine pilot training;

  • Tug master training;

  • Specialist ship’s master training;

  • Access to high accuracy, high definition ship simulators for other training organisations;

  • Access to high accuracy, high definition ship simulators for port and harbour investigations including larger vessels and new layouts.

  • Assistance in the development of Safety Management Systems complying to IMO Standards

  • Development of port models for use in simulations

  • Leasing of facilities to partner companies


Fremantle Maritime Simulation Centre (FMSC) is a state-of-the-art simulation facility, providing access to specialist marine pilot consultancy, in Fremantle, West Australia:

  • Cutting-edge, world-renowned simulator software technology.

  • Excellent maritime and training expertise and experience, with most FMSC staff active pilots with decades of experience.

  • An expanding library of detailed, highly accurate ship and environment models, based off physical models.

  • A comprehensive range of true-to-life control interfaces.

  • Powerful audio-visual capabilities, realistic communication and peripheral systems.

  • A dedicated exercise debrief area, with post-exercise review and analysis technology.

  • We provide courses, highly flexible built-to-order training solutions (including in-house environment modelling), and everything in between.

  • We offer a unique dual-simulator stack, running two independent maritime simulator systems side-by-side on the same hardware, allowing us to give unparalleled choice to our clients.


FMSC can provide:

  • Experienced senior staff involved in all aspects of the project.

  • The use of SimFlex, software that is world recognised for providing accurate ship manoeuvring simulation.

  • Ability to prepare detailed environmental models quickly while ensuring modifications for subsequent modelling can be easily made.

  • An understanding of real ship and tug handling combined with experience of pilot operations at a wide variety of ports.

  • A written report of simulation set up and outcomes. In addition to the written report, the preparation of movie files and additional pictures for presentations to your client and other stakeholders, if required.


FMSC and can develop a specific analysis of simulations. FMSC has worked with engineering companies on several projects and has experience in:

  • Existing personnel who have a combined experience of over 15 years in ship simulation.

  • Interpreting the data produced by SimFlex, software.

  • Technical expertise in all areas affecting port design and ship handling, including wave, current, wind and tidal monitoring and modelling in coastal areas.

  • In particular, FMSC has extensive experience in pilotage, ship simulation, wave and current modelling along the Western Australian coast including Port Hedland, Dampier, Geraldton, Bunbury, Fremantle, Cockburn Sound and Esperance. FMSC has also provided simulation to ships Captains, Tug Masters and Pilots from a variety of Ports on the East Coast of Australia.

  • FMSC assisted BP pilots to develop all the operational and emergency procedures for a Greenfield LNG port in Indonesia.

  • Lateral thinking to help develop alternative solutions.


FMSC has worked with engineering companies in developing various requirements of port development, such as:

  • Channel approach and channel design.

  • Swinging basin and berth approach design.

  • Berth design including ship landing forces, angle of landing and rates of landing.

  • Mooring configuration and bollard loading (due to wind and interaction from passing ships).