Simflex 4 Is Now Up And Running!

Updated: May 24, 2018

Hi all!

This is a huge announcement that has been two months in the making!! We now have Simflex 4.9 installed and working with our bridges! Our previous system was running Simflex 3.5 and was a couple of years old. While the math was still accurate in 3.5, 4.9 has a tonne of new graphic and audio enhancements including a cool collision reaction

And much more functional UI system for our OCCs. This means faster and a more accurate response from our support team in simulation. Some additional cool features also include adding ships in a live simulation.

But to be perfectly honest the crowning jewel of Simflex 4.9 are the graphics overall.

Come and check out our new system now!

- Ashlee

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