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At the Fremantle Maritime Simulation Centre we specialise in the simulation of a real-world vessels operations, including harbour processes, and systems over time. The act of simulating something first requires that a model be developed; this model represents the key characteristics or behaviours/functions of the selected physical or abstract system or process required by our clients.
















Fremantle Maritime Simulation Centre is characterized by the fact that we have a large experience base of expertise to draw on. Specialising ship hydrodynamics, port engineering in terms of determining port operational limits, risk assessment, validating new developments and layouts, and bridge equipment.


The Fremantle Maritime Simulation Centre is the first independent ship simulator in Australia. The facility provides a unique training program for mariners in a world class simulator. The SimFlex simulation software provides a high level of hydrodynamic modelling with excellent graphic presentation of the vessel environment for port development. Maersk, Svitzer and Voight Schneider, all respected leaders in their fields of shipping, towage and propulsion have selected Simflex as their preferred system, and have worked closely with Force Technology in Denmark to continuously improve the interaction accuracy of the simulator.



Our simulators run on Simflex Navigator Ship Simulation Software, developed by the Danish Maritime Institute and Force Technology. Serving the marine industry for nearly 50 years, acknowledged as one of the leading providers of ship simulation services.


Ship simulation initially starts with physical scale models to understand vessel handling, proceeding to mainframe based simulation systems, and finally developing the SimFlex desktop PC based ship simulation suite products.

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