Welcome to the New Interns!!!

New Animation Students
[From Left to Right] Taylah Mclennan, Ari Dang, Alex Wyld, Anthony Bullimore [Not seen Bryce Prince]

We'd like to give a warm welcome to our new interns from SAE Qantm Perth!! We'd also like to thanks our last trimester interns who have now finish their internships!!

Our last trimester interns [Richard Tilbury, Yaqoob Isaacs, Kyle Neal & Trent Curtis] finished over the last month and we were very happy to have them for their internships. Richard, Yaqoob and Kyle were all working toward and finishing their Bachelors of Game Development [Game Design] from SAE Qantm. Trent was working toward and has now since finished his Bachelor of Audio [Studio Production] also from SAE Qantm. Yaqoob worked on a networking code for us while Richard worked with VR and Kyle worked on UI. Trent worked on various Foley sounds for us, including going on-board an actual tug boat to record sounds!!

Trent Curtis, on board tug boat for recording

We've been very happy with the work ethic and knowledge of interns we've taken on board from SAE Qantm so we decided to take on some more for this trimester!!

This trimester we have Bryce Prince [Bachelor of Game Development], Alex Wyld [Bachelor of Animation], Ari Dang [Bachelor of Animation], Anthony Bullimore [Bachelor of Animation] and Taylah Mclennan [Bachelor of Animation] all from SAE! They're all working to complete their respective degrees and we're excited to see the work that they produce!!

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