Lecture Material

BRM - Bridge Resource Management
MRM - Maritime Resource management
Maritime Resource Management, Bridge Resource Management Internationally Certified Training

This training program introduces human factors elements in maritime operations, aimed to prevent accidents at sea cause by human error. By identifying and minimising risk through training this course provides candidates with exemplary behavioural models to ensure that sound resource management underpins all operations and procedures within
their working environment.


The Maritime Resource Management (MRM) course meets the following sections of the STCW 2010 Manila Amendments:


Reg. A-II/1 for Bridge Resource Management
Reg. A-III/1 for Engine-room Resource Management
Reg. A-II/2 and A-III/2 for Use Leadership and Managerial Skills
Reg. A-II/1, A-III/1, and A-III/6 for Application of Leadership and Team working Skills



The MRM course meets and exceeds the STCW requirements for Bridge Resource Management & Emergency Response Management. Subsequently, it has been certified by the Maritime Department of the Swedish Transport Agency.

The Maritime Resource Management Course is a further development of the original SAS Bridge Resource Management Course. Maritime Resource Management is defined as the use and coordination of all the skills, knowledge, experiences and resources available to the crew to accomplish or achieve the goals of safety and efficiency.

The course is designed to minimise the risk of incidents by favouring good personal communication, excellence in leadership skills and compliance with operating procedures. FMSC is accredited to run the MRM course on behalf of The Swedish Club training establishment. The course moreover includes principles regarding BRM as outlined in the STCW Code.