Lecture Material

MAR20121 - Certificate II in Maritime Operations

MAR20121  Certificate II in Maritime Operations

1.  MARF050   Follow work health & safety, and emergency procedures during mooring

2.  MARB054   Apply marine terminology and port procedures

3.  MARC059   Transmit and receive information by VHF within Australian Territorial Waters

4.  MARF049   Follow port and terminal security procedures

5.  BSBXTW301   Work in a team

6.  MARJ006   Follow environmental work practices

7.  HLTWHS005   Conduct manual tasks safely

8.  MARC061   Conduct mooring operations using mechanical equipment

9.  MARE003   Communicate during mooring operations

10. MARC062   Perform mooring operations

11. HLTAID011  Provide First Aid

12. MARB055   Maintain mooring equipment